Changing attiitudes about the right to carry

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by branson4020, Mar 12, 2012.

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    IMO every responsible citizen of this country should own and carry a firearm.
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    The key word here is responsible - some people are responsible enough to not carry as they know their limitations. I say this after an incident that occurred about 5 years ago. An elderly gentleman was carrying while out on his daily walk along the levy. As he walked down from the levy to the street leading to his house a car pulled up and a couple of gang bangers jumped out pulling a knife on him. At this point he was still about 30 feet from them and they demanded his wallet, watch, cell phone, and told him to empty his pockets. He ended up handing over his pistol as well. When asked about the incident he said he decided that giving up his property was better than taking the life of another person.
    I don't know if he knew this in advance and thought he might be able to scare someone off without actually using the gun or if he came to that conclusion at the time of the incident. If a person knows they probably couldn't go through with shooting to stop a real threat to their life they shouldn't carry. The same goes for anyone who carries in hopes of scaring off an attacker by merely showing the gun. In these scenarios everyone but the criminals loose. Now those punk thugs are better armed next time they decide to rob someone and who knows if the next victim will be someone you know.
    For what its worth I do carry daily, out and about or at home.
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    Good article. Thanks for sharing it.

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