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    I have a Mauser, I believe a model 98, that I inherited from my late father. He had it, what I would call sporterized, with a monte carlo style stock, redone bluing, and more modern iron sights. I believe he had all the work done in the late 70's, early 80's.
    Anyway, he had the gun built for my mom, who's never had any real interest in guns or shooting, so it's basically just stayed in the safe for 30 or so years.
    It has no barrel markings that indicate caliber and from what research I've done the majority of these guns are 8x57 Mausers, however, my mom swears that it's chambered in 8x56 Mannlicher-Schoenauer. She claims that's the reason they never used/shot it, due to lack of ammo availability.
    My first question is, is there a gunsmith in the Albany/Corvallis/Lebanon area that can determine the current chamber size?
    Second question, if its the 8x56M-S, can it be reamed/rechambered for the much more common 8x57 Mauser?
    It's a pretty, solid, rifle, that I'd like to be able to shoot every once in a while if possible.
    Thanks for any info
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    Try Range Master Gunworks

    1144 Tangent St, Lebanon, OR 97355

    (541) 259-4867

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