CFE Pistol - .45, 9MM notes:

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    went out and tested my reloads, I was thrilled when everything went bang. After cleaning my 45 I realized the case didn't feed most likely because my action was gummed up. I greased up my 1911 for storage it was sticky when cleaning after today's outing, bleh!

    Powder: Hodgdon CFE Pistol
    Bullet: Berrys Bullets 230GRN RN .452"
    Primer: Winchester Large
    COL: 1.200"

    Starting: 5.4 Grains - 816 FPS - 14,600 PSI
    MAX: 6.2 Grains - 942 FPS - 20,100 PSI

    CFE Pistol .45 Notes:

    5.4 Grains: Light recoil, really dirty - unburned powder..
    5.6 Grains: Light, dirty - last round 5of5 failed to chamber, caught case edge on feed ramp. (More Crimp?)
    5.8 Grains: Perfect - like recoil, great accuracy
    6.0 Grains: Eh.. accuracy issues?
    6.2 - Hot, accuracy issues?

    Powder: Hodgdon CFE Pistol
    Bullet: Berrys Bullets 124GRN RN .356"
    Primer: Winchester Small
    COL: 1.150"

    Starting: 4.9 Grains - 1,006 FPS - 27,300 PSI
    MAX: 5.5 Grains - 1,120 FPS - 33,800 PSI

    CFE Pistol 9mm Notes:

    4.9 Grains: Light recoil, dirty cases
    5.2 Grains: Light recoil, cleaned up, ok accuracy
    5.3 Grains: Perfect recoil, great accuracy
    5.4 Grains: Perfect recoil, great accuracy
    5.5 Grains: Slightly hot recoil, good accuracy.

    Time to start up production! smile.gif

    P.S. Cabelas is getting CFE Pistol and Universal in regularly. If you ask around you can find hp-38. I went back to cabelas and picked up four bricks of s&b spp for 20ea.

    You can find once fired cleaned .45 brass for 0.05 per case on
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    I have some similar notes for CFE Pistol in .45ACP. I will post it here when I get home and can type it up. IIRC my loads and results were fairly consistent with the above, although I was getting great accuracy with 6.2gr, COL @ 1.24 using 230gr LRN from T&B Bullets. I will compile a complete load list from my notes in the next day or so.
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    9mm 115gr
    CFE Pistol 5.2-5.4gr runs flawlessly in a gun with light recoil spring. A little dirty with some blowback.

    124gr I run 5.2 and they are nice....

    I shoot them in a Taurus PT111G2

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