CETME Parts Kit with original barrel +Flat

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    Debating selling/trading my parts Cetme parts kit. Kit is in excellent condition overall. Comes with the original barrel that has not been demilled, also the cocking tube is still in good working order and the bolt is in excellent shape. The only thing the kit does not have with it is the flash hider though that is a part that can be replaced for US compliance.

    Also have an ORF flat still in the packaging as well as the weld on rear site and base and the shelf.

    Would love to build the kit, just have a couple other builds that are taking precedence currently. IF someone had a FAL receiver I'd gladly trade for that. Going to try and get pictures up shortly.

    I am going to be at the WAC show on Saturday

    Cash looking for $375 obo
    Trade wise- FAL receiver, Russian or East German Makarov, Norinco SKS (non Bubba) possibly other things just let me know what you have.

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