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Meet Stephanie McGanty, women's firearms instructor with Fieldcraft Survival.

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Steph 2.jpg

Stephanie McGanty has been hand picked by Mike Glover to guest instruct women's firearms courses for Fieldcraft Survival. I personally have observed some of her instruction, and she won't disappoint.

This is a Pistol course taught from a Defensive Handgun mindset. I welcome all levels of shooters, if you are a brand new beginner please reach out to me so I can send you a video on what to expect. We will begin with an Introduction, safety briefing, chat on a medical plan and making sure everyone is geared up properly. I pace my courses on the students and their individual learning ability, we may move faster or slower depending on the group collectively. Reviewing the Fundamentals first is always important; stance, grip, sight picture alignment, trigger press and follow through. Then we will move into drills on accuracy, reloads, malfunctions clearing, single handed shooting, target transitions, movement, and shooting from different positions. We will have fun, we will be positive and we will all take home new skills.

This course will thoroughly cover;

  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Sight Picture - Alignment
  • Trigger Press
  • Follow Through
  • Accuracy
  • Loads
  • Malfunction Clearing
  • One Hand Shooting
  • Multiple Targets
  • Moving
  • Positional Shooting

To register for this course, please contact Stephanie directly; stephanie@esthercorp.us

Gear List for the course

250 rounds ammo for your specific caliber of pistol

Semi Automatic Pistol

2-3 magazines for your pistol

Belt Holster

Magazine Carrier or Pouches

Sturdy Belt

Weather appropriate clothing, pants, and athletic or light hiking style shoe

Eye and ear protection

Snacks, Water, Sunscreen, Chair



Class runs from 10am to 3pm

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