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Concealed Carry - Train with an Attorney at your side.

You realize the responsibility of concealed carry. You understand the importance of training and practicing, making sure you can use a firearm effectively, yet you may have only given thought to surviving the combat portion of the encounter.

If so, don’t be unprepared for what follows.

If you’re looking for answers to armed confrontations, the training involved, and the legal aftermath, this is the class for you. Attorney Ted DeBray, who has been a prosecutor, private attorney and a current public defender, has experience in prosecuting as well as defending citizens in such cases. He will be on hand to take you through the legal process as he trains along with you.

Although his expertise is for Washington State, he'll be able to go over some Oregon court procedures and pattern jury instructions for such incidents.

This 1 day class involves looking at the legal aspect of training, the content of the training, and the legal aftermath that follows. He will be available throughout the class to answer your questions about armed confrontations, the law, and your rights and responsibilities.

The firearm training portion will integrate with the legal aspect of armed encounters. We will be working with your firearm and related equipment with manipulations and drills that are logical and proven to be effective and useful on the street, in close quarters confrontations, as well as vehicle distances. You will understand how the brain works in such confrontations and properly absorb the information so that productive execution of the training is maintained.

Be sure to bring plenty of questions, paper for notes, and an open mind for a great learning experience.

Ammunition Requirement - 250 Rounds

Class starts at 0900

So… the attorney was there as a target, yeah? ;)
My friend and I attended this class on Sunday the 18th. This is the first class I've taken. It was awesome. There were 3 of us plus Steve and Ted. Great small class for a lot of questions and direct instruction.

Ted had a great presentation on the 5 points of a jury questionnaire regarding homicide and how to determine if it was justified. We spent a couple hours on his presentation and Q and A. He is very knowledgeable.

The second half was spent on Steve's range. He really goes into the mental aspect of concealed carry and drawing your weapon. He is an expert on ballistics and brought up numerous insights from his experience. We got a chance to practice our draw, and with such a small class size got a ton of individualized instruction. It really has me thinking about the gear I carry, and how I need to adjust what I have. I walked away with numerous drills to practice at home and the range.

Overall an awesome experience, well worth the drive (we drove from Seattle) and the expense.

10/10 would do again. Pro tip: bring sunscreen!

Steve, Ted, thanks again.
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