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Cerberus Private Training


I returned to take a 2 day private training rifle / pistol from Steve the owner

I took a Run the Gun Rifle last summer from Steve and thought it was the best fighting rifle class I had ever taken

These 2 days confirmed my previous thoughts

My background is 30 years in public service and over 5,000 hours of formal training in different systems . I am now retired and have the time and the to ability to seek out different training .

Our 2 day private was outstanding . We went over everything from not focusing on the front sight and looking at the target , then confirming our sights are on to doing a night shoot and finding out my lights are not bright enough to see the hands of the threats !

How much you shoot depends on you

His rate for private training in beyond reasonable.

I am returning next week to do a private Run the Gun rifle with a friend of mine .

If you are anywhere near Steve and his school , I HIGHLY recommend giving him a call and chatting about what would work best for you !

Be safe everyone !

Joe Link

@Ammo68 you should copy/paste this into a review on their NWFA business page :)




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