Century R1A1 w Bushnell 3X9.4 mags for Saig 308 or + $$ for AR-10

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    I have a recently purchased(used)Century R1A1 308 Semi Auto Battle Rifle,Bushnell 3X9 scope,and 4 mags.It is a Hesse receiver,metric,and does NOT have the "Unibrow" feedramp so many dislike.This gun runs fine,and finish is very good/excellent.It would appear as if the previous owner shot it very little.

    What I'd like is a straight across for a PG converted Saiga 308,16" barrel ONLY,I already have a 22" barreled Saiga.Or,an AR10A4 or similar 16" carbine + cash on my end.I'm looking for a carbine-length 308 semi as my aforementioned Saiga 22" is a little unwieldly to be hiking around with.I'll add cash as necessary for an AR10,I'm just wanting to trade for something that"lifts my skirt",and the R1A1 simply didn't do that...

    Due the fact is does have the dreaded Hesse receiver,I prefer a FTF so we can both shoot the prospective trade items.

    I paid $800 for this package,just as I am selling it,and that's what I value it at,both in trade or in a cash sale..

    Email probably works best- kirkcdlATyahoo,that's an"L".not a 1...

    I'll try pics on request,but both my camera and photography skills suck,so don't expect much...
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