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I've been debating what to do with this rifle for a while....

The receiver is NOT import marked. It simply says CAI Sporter and Assembled by CAI. You can see the markings below and they are very faint. The only ones that really stand out are the CAI SPORTER and the serial number.

I recently had a discussion with several people who all agree this receiver is in fact Argentine, supposedly "one of the best". The reasoning being is the top cover cut and the cut out for the Argentine semi-auto lower.

I emailed Century for information and they stated the receiver is an early import and of either Imbel or FM(Argentine) origin. They were unable to confirm which, however Imbel is not known to have the same cut for the top cover and Argy semi-auto lower.

I can't guarantee it being Argentine but I can guarantee it's either Imbel or FM Argentina. I also know for a fact based on the proper feed ramp cuts and proper metric magazine cut, this receiver is NOT a Hesse, Entreprise, or other Century make.

This rifle has inch pattern parts.. except the barrel, receiver, and magazines. It has a US made Metric pattern barrel with a naked muzzle. The receiver takes metric magazines and fits them perfectly. The feed ramps are the proper widows peak and it feeds flawlessly.The rifle also has a metric top cover and is not cut to take an inch top cover.

This rifle isn't perfect, but it shot good once the gas system is dialed in. The round count is extremely low. The friend I bought it from bought it brand new in 1998 and had never fired it until just before selling it. I have shot 40 rounds through it to set the gas system and test for function. It shoots. The inch lower has a nice trigger.

One could easily convert this rifle to Metric with a metric parts kit. I thought about getting one of the Sarco Argentine kits and building it.. this receiver would be worth it.

I am asking $600 for the rifle, some misc furniture, and 2 ugly yet functional metric magazines. I am in Vancouver and willing to meet anyone who lives in Washington within 30 miles or I will deliver to the FFL of your choice between here and Salem.

See pictures:

Proper feed ramps:




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