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I have a NIB Century Arms Centurion BP12


This is a semi automatic bullpup shotgun.
Brand new in box. This is a replacement from the original I owned that I had sent in for warranty work to century. My previous one had developed abnormal wear.

My original cycled well, worked better with shells that were about 1300+ Fps. (High brass, buckshot, slugs) low brass was hit and miss. Some mags were flawless.. then Id have issues. YMMV

The QC from these Turkish made shot guns is all over the place. I cannot attest that this NEW replacement will be any better or worse. CENTURY was actually decent honoring their warranty within a reasonable time which was cool. However, Im out of the semi auto shotgun game altogether. I took a gamble but Im just bored with it all now. I have rifle and pistols projects Im far more interested in.

Selling/trading this for under what Ive got it for plus throwing in a few extras.

Shotgun comes with:
*2 sets of chokes and wrenches
(one from the first shotgun)
*2 heavy gas pistons
(1 from new, 1 from old shotgun)
*Magpul vertical grip
*Three little magpul rail covers
*3-10 round Panzer mags.
2 unused in box, one lightly used in box
*1-5rnd factory mag
*Factory sights

It obviously comes with box and paperwork that are not shown. I can dismount the vert grip to place in box.

I make no claims of its QC as I just dont know. Everything on this one is brand new therefore zero issues.
Could be great, could be what I experienced before. I just dont know. If you are up for the journey, its a cool little shotgun.

Seeking $300, buyer pays transfer fee.
Transfer done at a Cut Above Pawn.

Trade interests:
Keystone cricket 22lr or 22 mag bolt action pistol?
Ruger .22 charger pistol?
Derringers of some kind?
.22lr target pistols of some kind?
1000 rounds of FMJ 7.62x39?
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