Centurion 39?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by ogre, Nov 3, 2010.

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    It's a milled reciever AK and seemed to have a pretty good write-up in the American Rifleman.

    Has anyone here actually seen or used one? Opinions?
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    I've been curious about this gun as well. It is touted as being 100% American made, as opposed to American-made per the 922r definition (that is containing few than 10 foreign-made countable parts). Problem is it's an $850 gun that likely won't outperform in terms of accuracy or reliability guns available for less than half that price. But price isn't the only problem, in fact it may not even be the biggest problem, I think there are people that would be willing to drop $850 on an AK if it were 100% American in manufacture. The biggest problem is likely the fact that the manufacturer is Century Arms. It's not that Century is incapable of turning out a good gun, but their reputation is that they're not capable of doing it consistently. $850 is a lot money for something made by Century Arms.

    Here's another case in point. Century makes the C15 sporter. It is quite likely the most affordable AR-style rifle on the market and by a decent margin, too. But it's far from the most popular. Plenty of people seem willing to spend spend $800 or $900 on an AR, even though Century ones are available for $630. To most AR owners, it seems like a better deal to spend more with a more reputable manufacturer than to save a couple hundred dollars by buying a Century Arms product.

    Let's put it this way... if $850 fell from the heavens onto your coffee table with the stipulation that you had to spend it on a gun... would it really be Century Arms AK-clone that you spend it on?
    $850 doesn't fall from the heavens though, for some people it takes two weeks of work earn, some might even take a month to earn that much... making it all the less likely that one would spend it a Century Arms AK-clone.

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