they say Koean made so my guess would be Korea, they are "Khan" brand

I puchased some Korean made .30 carbine mags from them and they function just like the originals. I have also bought .45 mags and have had no issues. I would only wonder if these Glock mags are the drop free type or not.

There are some reviews of that brand on Midways site I couldnt get them to post clearly.
I don't even own a glock any more and I am thinking about buying a bunch so that just incase I ever decide to get one again I am set. $6ea is a great buy. I got mine when they were like 10 or 12 dollars each. Even at that price I would say that they were a good deal.
I ordered some Ak-74 mags from them, work just like my circle 21s I bought for double the price. And it sounds like the korean glock mags work just as well.
depending on which glock mags you are talking about - I just got a batch from them the other day - the 17 rd G17 9mm mags are Korean mfg - full metal liner drop free type - marked KCI on the base plate. The .40 glock mags are also drop free full metal liner - the base plates on the .40s are marked American Tactical. if you compare them to factory glock mags they are virtually identical sans the Glock logo. I talked to a guy at one of the HK places that was out of stock on them - he said that when he met the KCI rep that they have several mil / govt / pd contracts spread around the world and he hasn't had more than 5 mags come back out of thousands he sold. The reason for return was it was too difficult to get the last few rounds into the mags. solution was load em as far as you can, let them sit over night and top off. after leaving them fully loaded for a few days they work fine for the duration. Also - same company in Korea makes the KCI, KHAN, and ATI (American Tactical Imports) mags.

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