Cell Phone coverage at the Oregon Coast

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Starship, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Starship

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    Currently have AT&T with good coverage at the Oregon coast. Most travel is between Astoria and Newport. Some travel into Washington but not the coast more toward Chelais and Mount St. Helens.

    Was wondering if anyone uses Verizon in these areas??

    Looking at possibly changing carriers and looking closely at Verizon. They appear to have good coverage at the coast.

    Any help and commnets appreciated.
  2. billc


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    I'm in LC with Verizon and have great reception on the coast, even inland.
    The only problem I have is in the basement at work, I get 0 reception, others down there get reception using AT&T.
    I have an older Motorola phone.
  3. 19 Adam

    19 Adam
    rural Clackamas County, Oregon
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    I just traveled from Cannon Beach to Newport and back with my Verizon phone. I had reception the entire time. We always have good reception on Hwy. 26 from Portland to Seaside cutoff then into Cannon Beach. I have the older Verizon flip phone by Samsung.
  4. MA Duce

    MA Duce
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    I have carried a Verizon phone across the lower 48 and into Canada as far as Edmonton, always with good coverage except in places you would expect, (deep canyons etc.) Rarely have I been dropped except a few times in peak hours in LA.
  5. salmonriverjohn

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    I and the Telephone company that I work for here along the coast from Newport to north of Rockaway use Verizon cell phones, and no were not Verizon. After trying all the others, we went with them due to their amount of towers and coverage. There are deep canyons that you wont get coverage in no matter what you use other than a sat-phone, but Im still amazed at the reception that I do get while hunting in remote locations. Hope that helps. John.
  6. Mark W.

    Mark W.
    Silverton, OR
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    I have had Verizon since it became Verizon my first phone being a Motarola pre flip phone. And I have found better coverage with my phone them anyone around me. We even work up the Cascades building Forest Service and logging roads and its amazing the times I can get coverage. Only place I have had trouble was around THE DALLES and Dufur when the only way I could get out was via Text. I understand that contract problem has been solved.

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