CCW permit holders names & addresses made available to public online.

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by arjunki, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Yes, I was peacefully having lunch at work when I catch a news blurb about an organization bragging that they have made the country safer by making (Law Abiding) CCW permit holders locations & I think their names available online. I caught the end of this lowly beings story & I believe it may have been Fox but not sure because I got a call and had to leave. Has anyone else heard anything on this? Pretty much ruined my appetite
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    Yep, and this is not bad news it is good news.

    The Liberal media has no idea that if bad guys know where the good guys are that carry and are armed guess who's anti-gun house will get robbed?
    They just posted a map telling where gun owners live, and stupidly end up telling crooks what neighborhood have little or no guns.
    I really could careless if people know I have a gun cause I am almost always armed, and so is everyone in my house.
    I feel sorry for the dumb *** that saw a map and decided he wanted my guns, well he can have them and we will start with the business end of the ammo I have first.

    Sure some people will get all up in arms ( pardon the pun) but think about it. Who should be fearing that news being released ??
    I think as a crook I would think awesome that whole area has no guns and I will just go night shopping there.
    The street I live on 9.5 outta 10 are armed, ya go ahead post my address lol or my neighbors. If I was a crook I would be making a bee line for every area on that map with unarmed people. How stupid can the liberal media be to think that hurt gun owners LOLOLOLOLOL.

    Reminds me of that lawn sign.
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