CBR600 F2 and F3 Parts.

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    I have a F2 and F3 im parting out to fund a newer bike. all prices are OBO, offer anything, the worest that can happen is i say no. I started this as a project and have no time to finish it. Im just looking to a get a nice down payment on a newer bike. :) would also consider a trade for a running bike, doesnt have to be in great condiction.

    F3 engine not running $150
    F2 frame (with washington title) $100
    f3 frame (no title, has oregon plate. tail has been chopped) $50
    Orange Repsol F3 wheels and tires $200
    F2 wire harness $50
    F3 wire harness $50
    F2 radiator with fans and hoses $40
    F2 swing arm $50
    F3 Swing arm $50
    F3 front and rear tire fairing $75
    F2 forks and triple tree $150
    F3 forks and triple tree $200
    F2 complete front and rear brake set $50
    F3 complet front and rear brake set $50
    F3 tank with red paint (has minor dings) 50
    F3 tank with rust $30
    F2 tank with bad paint job, but is a soild tank $40
    F3 rear shock $50
    F2 rear shock $50
    F2 Gauges
    F2 seat good condiction but has a tear on one side
    anything else that you are looking for just messageme and i will quote a price.
    also an willing to sell/trade everything for guns/video game consoles/something of value around $600.

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