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    I took my newly purchased, used, 2006, Dan Wesson Classic out for a spin today. Using one Wilson Combat and one Chip McCormick mag.

    Issue: These guns are built so tight that it wouldn't feed the first round. It turned out that the ramp and slide were dry, no lube, plus I was doing limp wrist on it. So part of it was adding some lube and then giving it a good wippin' when pulling and releasing the slide. That seemed to fix it.

    The pull on the trigger is around 4#s or so, not bad but could use some tuning up IMO.

    Well, as you can see in the pic. the first two shots from 25 feet were atrocious. Operator error.
    The following five were acceptable. This gun is definitely more accurate than I am!
    I did have a small issue focusing on the night sights, as I wear progressive bifocals and can either see close or far away but not both at the same time. I don't know if it was the sights or what. These night sights have kind of a reflective glow that I was having a problem adjusting to. Another operator error!

    After 100 rounds (wish I could have done 500) this gun is all it's cracked up to be and more!
    I also ran a few mags through my G19 and by comparison it felt mushy and loose. But then the Glock can shoot even without lube! Neener, neener,neener!:laugh:

    BTW the new VZ grips were absolutely great, not too grippy but not smooth either.
    I hope that DWs' new VBOB will be this good. (also hope they keep the price in reach, too)

    Although this gun is four years old, it's still as tight as new!
    Overall, an excellent outing with this above par production 1911!


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