Case XX head lopper/bolo/machete thingie

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    This belongs to my dad. He thinks it's a "brush" knife from WWII, but he's probably wrong.

    I found a few pics of similar knives online that called them machetes or bolos, and they were selling/sold around $100-$150.

    The only marking is Case XX on the blade.
    Has a steel scabbard type thing
    The end of the blade is in ROUGH shape (see pics) with a chip, and what looks like cracks or something.
    blade is about 10" long

    Looking to trade it for a hi-point in good condition in .380acp, .40S&W, or .45acp

    Not interested in selling it, it's a cool knife and we'll keep it if no one wants to trade it for a gun

    I'll be in Eugene/Springfield tomorrow, and will be going camping at the coast (Florence to Bandon) after that for a few days before heading back home in the Roseburg area.

    call 541-373-1 seven five six if you're interested

    I'd also appreciate more info about this knife if anyone knows about them, since I haven't had much luck finding any about it online and know nothing about it.


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