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    A thought which comes out of the Firearms Academy of Seattle - Marty Hayes tree of training
    is that if you ever have to use a FA, you are better served if you have a paper trail of training, and re-training.

    Legal requirements, Proficiency with the weapon used, and
    Perhaps especially in the Threat identification - ie: Is that dog threatening, fearful, or playful?

    One way is to keep those paper certificates when you take courses. And the associated receipts.

    How else is anyone tracking this?
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    Maintaining records of your firearms/self-defense related training is a very, very good idea. If you ever have to provide a reason to justify your use of deadly force (and you surely will), key to the law determining whether your actions were reasonable is knowing what you knew *at the moment you pulled the trigger*. This includes your training. I recommend to all my students that on any notes they take or handouts I provide, that they date and initial each individual page, as well as place page numbers (page x of page y). This is the same protocol advised by Mas Ayoob.
    Additionally, Mas recommends that you place your training notes in an envelope and mail them to yourself, keep the envelope sealed, place them in a secure storage (safe, file cabinet, etc). I have also created a training resume that lists any related training (firearms, self defense, medical/first aid, instructor development, etc). Of course keeping all training records, certificates, etc. is part of your records
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