WTB OR Cargo/utility van

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    AK's all day.

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    Im looking for a windowless cargo utility van.

    Have one that you dont use anymore that takes up too much room?

    Looking for one, any color

    In good running condition
    (no work needed immediately)
    Same goes for tires/tags nothing needed for a little while. Clean record.

    Preferably clean(ish) in terms of inside and outside as well.

    I have quite a few things Id be willing to trade.
    1998 jeep grand Cherokee
    (Makes for a good hunting vehicle or a kids forst vehicle)
    Firearms (as you all know)
    And accessories/mags & ammo
    PM for what types.

    I can also add a little cash.. But right now.. Im strapped.. So Id rather trade.

    Serious PMs only please.
    Im located in Hillsboro

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