We are currently planning and developing programs and activities geared to improve recreational shooting on public land and are seeking people to help with their input and talents. We are all volunteer and are all in for working to improve our kind of recreation.

Contact me, Bill Cogley President, at [email protected] , if you would like to be a part of our on-line private planning committee.

On the table is the development of a free informational class on target shooting on public land. Classes begin this spring and throughout the summer in various locations such as near Mt Hood Nat Forest, Tillamook State Forest, Yacolt Burn State Forest and Gifford Pinchot Nat Forest. Your input could help this class be the most effective it can be.

We have an aggressive Cleanup~n~Shoot schedule planned for 2018 and need some help making that happen. Some cleanups with free lunch and prizes, others are bare bones get it done types.

Our first year anniversary fundraising event is coming up on Feb 18th and we could use help in the planning and event. We'll have several raffle items, silent auctions specials, guest speakers and lots of fun! (location TBA).

Improvement and upgrade work will be happening this spring/summer at the existing 4 shooting lanes in Tillamook State Forest and will need help with that. We are also continuing work with TSF on improving other dispersed shooting sites in that area.

There is video work to be done, promotional material to develop and good times to be had, as we strive toward making recreational shooting a better and safer activity on public land.

If you would like to be a part of our movement and help make a positive difference, please let me know your thoughts and how you would like to help.

Contact me, Bill Cogley President, at [email protected] .

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On a serous note guys. This upcoming year is going to be a lot of fun.

Between inventorying plausible shooting lanes and developing new ones, Trash No Land and our partner Oregon Department of Forestry is looking to expand on the work done in Tillamook State Forest. That alone gets me all excited!

Other agencies are also noticing what we have done over at Trash No Land and in time may look to do similar work.

I know a lot of cool people lurk here, some may live on this site! People that are like minded and hope to ensure a future of continuing recreational target shooting in state, federal and public lands.

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