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    Alright.. Im curious what your guys' thoughts on this are:

    Not really a spoiler alert here but this scene takes place within the first 20-30 minutes:

    While attempting to stop a group of armed men seeking to steal some super deadly desease at a CDC (disease center)
    Captain America assesses the situation and called out the number of armed combatants.. But here is where it takes a turn. He specifically states that they are armed with AR15's.. AR15's!?
    Semi auto rifles.. Being used by mercenaries, really?!..
    Oh but it gets better.. Not ONE M4/M16/AR-15 was being used.. The real kicker, They were all Galils!
    Not a single "AR" was used in that scene.

    Im absolutely positive that this was to subconsiously demonize ARs. Seriously.. Think about it. You hear the name AR15.. You see it firing in full auto on screen.. And by bad guys no less.. We know how stupid the sheep are.

    Ive never heard a character in movie call an M4/M16 variant an AR15. Ever.

    What reason was there to do that? Why specifically note AR-15?
    Even the mostly horribly written action movies that talk incorrectly about firearms can get the names of the firearms right. Heck, he could have said small arms, he could have said automatic rifles, he could have even said galils..etc.. But no..

    Lastly, there was a heavy liberal undertone throughtout the whole movie.. The government knows best, keep yourself in check, dont take it upon yourself to help ask permission first..
    And no one stood up and put the state official in check.. etc it drove me nuts.

    The movie was alright.. But that AR15 line really irritated me.

    What do you guys think? Sure.. My tinfoil panties are in a bunch.. But we all know the crap hollywood pulls when it comes to this type of stuff.
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    Wow, that's some food for thought...
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    I didn't catch the AR comment myself, but the whole "only the governments can keep people/heroes in check" theme of the movie was beyond irritating. I'd have to say I would be standing on the side of Capt. America and refuse to sign that document. Ironically he ends up demonstrating a good bit of civil disobedience - so at least that was a good thing.

    But yeah, the whole Hollywood hatred and misrepresentation of guns and gun owners is just plane sick :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    I did find it odd that he specifically said "AR-15's," but I chocked it up to hollywood doing their best to demonize the platform.

    In other news, Steve Rogers: Captain America issue #1 which is out today reveals Rogers to have been a Hydra sleeper agent, and a supporter since he was a child!

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