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    I was looking to trade my EAA Witness and Nitrex TR2 2X10X50 scope (Weaver's attempt at a high end scope - very very nice) for some sort of lower end .45 or 9mm. I just want something I load for. I was thinking cheap 1911 or Xd. This will only be for the truck, so it does not have to be perfect. I can add cash if needed. If you have any other offers I will be glad to hear them. I am also looking for an AR upper.

    The gun is a little rough but fully functional. It looks rougher in real life than in these photos but functions flawlessly. It comes with 2 14 or 15 round mags, a holster and some defense ammo. I was going to use it for bear hunting but I dont think I will make it this year. I put in the heavy wolf springs, which will keep it from cracking the frames like most 10mm guns will eventually do (even the delta elites!), in the gun and one of the mags.

    Check out the reviews on the scope - it is really really nice. I spent Like better than you would believe nice. here is a link to the scope - I have it in the box right now or I would get some pictures. I also have some warne steel rings for it.

    here is a pic of it on my M1A (please disregard the messy shop... I had just finished bedding the stock)
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