Canby Gun Show

Is this a good show....I've never been to a canby show and heard recently that I should check it out......I've only been to the Portland shows.....


Just got back from it. It is quite a bit smaller than the Portland show and not everything was gun related. But less expensive than Portland and free parking. Pretty good crowd. Lots of over priced ammo and the guns were about average to slightly above average.

I found some good deals on some accessories but I was also looking for some magazines which ended up being more expensive than buying them online so I passed.

So I had fun and am glad I went. I ran into a friend there who was disappointed in the size and content.

For six bucks I would recommend checking it out.
I was there for a bit this morning. As far as overpriced ammo, most I saw was a little better than what's in the stores, plus there was a fair amount of it. (was just at Fisherman's and Coastal making sure I was right) :p Some of the (little) reloading stuff was completely out of line, though. $49 for a pound of powder?
It's a "gun and knife show". A bunch of cool knives on display, but I'm not in the market for one. Actually, wasn't in the market for anything except to kill a little time this morning.
A fair amount of new handguns and even some decent prices on some ARs. Not very many used, older guns like I've seen in the past.
I was able to get a table and sold 4 pistols and one scope and a few accessories on Saturday. The crowd was fairly constant. I have two pistols and two rifles left to sell and will be rid of the guns I don't want to keep. The lighting was poor.
I skipped the gun show but still bought 2 stripped lowers online for less than $100 shipped. Bet you couldn't find that kind of deal at any show;)
What would you have estimated the turn out to be at the show? We have been kicking around the idea of going down there and doing a booth but with the cost of the booth somtimes it cost money to go and do the outlaying shows.


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