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I was on another forum I participate in (non-gun) but an offer of a Colt as part trade for a motorcycle came up and a guy from Canada said he would be interested if it were not such a PITA to own a handgun in Canada. Not really knowing I asked him for a summary of gun laws in Canada, to which he replied:

Handguns........much like in UK and Aus............need a restricted permit just to move from your house to a licensed gun club which you have to be a member of. Concealed carry absolutely out of the question other than LEO's. No handgun hunting whatsoever.

Rifles and shotguns have to be registered, and we need a license just to even handle one, never mind shoot it. It's a different license for pre-existing owners than if you want to acquire one, which also means borrowing. If they really wanted to be dickheads about it, if I only have a possession license, but my buddy and I are hunting together, he hands me his rifle to cross a fence, I am technically illegal now since I don't have a acquisition license. It's ridiculous.

All firearms have to stored locked away and disabled, and ammo in a separate room.

If we use a firearm to defend life or property, we go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

If the cops get called to a domestic at your house, you lose ALL of your guns.............and the right to ever own one again. Even if YOU are the one who called them!

Loaded gun can't be transported in a vehicle, even while you're actively hunting.

Can't have more than I think a 5 shot clip in anything but a .303 Enfield.

Need a license now even to buy ammo or reloading supplies.

Yes, lots of us have stockpiles of ammo and buried guns.

I thought this would be interesting to pass along for those, like me, who did not really know how bad it was up north.
Yeah, I've read their laws and am not a fan. I might look again to see if they have anything for passing through, if I ever want to drive to Alaska.
I know that the Canadian government is looking at losing the rifle/shotgun registration mess. They determined that it costs way too much money and yeilds no results.
Yeah, I've read their laws and am not a fan. I might look again to see if they have anything for passing through, if I ever want to drive to Alaska.

I think the only way to get a gun into Alaska is by boat or plane (that doesn't layover in BC). I looked this up recently, and the gist was that in order to transport a firearm through canada, it had to be a long gun, and there was a mountain of paperwork and a really long wait. . . and it was all discretionary. . . though there are provisions for hunters. But any handgun is pretty much out of the question.

But it's been a while since I looked it up :-D

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