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cbc said:
Long-time gun control advocate Wendy Cukier said whether or not a ban is ultimately imposed will depend on whether the government bows to well-resourced and organized gun advocates, or supports the less-loud gun control advocates pushing to protect public safety.

Anti-gun people less loud, really? Those people never shut up, hell those POS busy bodies up north even run their mouths trying to change US gun laws, when it's non of their damned business.

CTV News Channel: Anti-gun rally in Ottawa
'A historic moment': Montreal massacre survivor joins Washington rally
'No more silence': Hundreds rally in Toronto for tighter U.S. gun controls | CBC News
Canadians in a dozen cities rally in support of U.S. gun control marches | CBC News

Canadian Socialists...

Fortunately enough, on this side of the border, at least for the moment...

All men are created equal and have certain unalienable God given rights...

At least until man tries to legislate them away, then we'll have a SHTF event... Breakout the stainless steel umbrellas folks, I'm athinkin' it's going to be a pretty heavy storm...
I believe this WILL happen in canada, I have family there and my brother asked me to stop sending him photos of my guns & he rides a harley!!
even the canadian harley riders are soy-boy pussies like their prime minister

hell the crims might even turn over their guns up there:rolleyes:
Well if our Constitutional rights are such a threat to them hosers up there...

maybe they should start building a wall ehh ?

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Aloha, Mark
The first thing they need to do is to cancel all contracts with the Canadian government agencies (all of them at all levels). Tell them that if they are bad options for the citizens, then they are bad for the government as well. Problem is, there is always at least one who is greedy enough to sell.


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