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Can you shoot at Reiter? (Monroe area)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by ldav07, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. ldav07

    ldav07 sno Member

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    Is the Reiter DNR land a no shooting zone? Or can people still shoot up there?

    Thanks for any help
  2. Grommit327

    Grommit327 Buckley Active Member

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    I always thought that it was a no shooting area when I used to wheel up there but there was always people shooting (usually not a good thing)
  3. Woody

    Woody western Wa. Member

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    rode my bike for years up there and never seen anybody shooting up there. that doesn't mean i havent seen casings on the ground but i believe those were people taking a chance or not giving a poo. so as of being a shooter as well the only place close to there I found was shooting in the Sultan basin. I have gotten mixed responses about that area as well, but have shot and seen people enjoying a day of shooting in the basin many times. never been approached by any offical. I have heard of people shooting out there and a officer showed up told them to stop and also had to pick up every piece of garbage if it was theirs or not. story or not I don't know. my experience has been no problem. calling the sultan police and asking them could be an option but who knows what answer they give you or what mood they are in. I have called a decade ago and got an ok. good luck and let us know how or what you find out.

    Just found this info:
    another post about hwy2 and Index has a post with them finding NO SHOOTING signs all over reiter rd. just posted this month
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2011
  4. Binder

    Binder Everett New Member

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    There's a ordinance where you can't shoot near the road. I think it's 100 yards but don't quote me on the distance from the road. Yes you can shoot if you're far enough away from the road. Given that be aware that there are typically people on foot maping out the new trail system so be very careful and check your target area to be sure it's safe.
  5. joeroket

    joeroket Everett,Wa. Active Member

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    The last time I heard they had no shooting signs about three miles up the trail roads from Hwy 2. Of course I have never verified it for myself. I only used it for wheelin years ago.