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Can someone tell me what these 2 old rear sights fit ? Long one on left says " Marble Gladstone Mich. " on one side … and on the other side it says " Pat. Oct. 20 – 03 , Nov. 14 – 05 " .. and the other smaller one on right says Pat. July 25 , 05 – COT ??? .. Hard to read also Lyman stamped below ….

What do you guys and gals think ?? I have NO IDEA ???? THANKS

DSC00003 (2).JPG DSC00002 (4).JPG DSC00006 (1).JPG DSC00005 (1).JPG DSC00001 (5).JPG DSC00004 (1).JPG
Tang sights for something. Everything above the base is "generic." Look hard for something on the bases. I seem to see a stamping between the holes on the long base.

The long base sight is a Marbles and is definitely for a 99 Savage. The short one could be for a lever action straight tang (Marlin, Winchester). The hole spacing is the key. Could be a Marbles or a Lyman, it's not clearly marked as is the long tang sight.

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