Can someone recommend "soft body" armor and carrier? Likely level IIIa

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by tkdguy, Aug 19, 2014.

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    I'm 5'8 at 154 pds. I've looked at ShellBack Tact Carrier and Banshee Armor Plate Carrier and Diamond Back FAPC Soft plate. But can not figure out what plate size? Is the plate size universal so that a 10" x !2" fits all carriers? What plate size for my size?

    Any recommendations. Prefer more budget minded purchase because this is for deferred use in case of
    SHTF? Any place in Portland to buy at reasonable prices.

  2. 7SFCW4

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    There is an old saying, "...if you are thinking about burying your guns, it's probably time to dig them up...". Body armor is like that. If you are getting ready to put it on (for real), then second guessing time is over as well.

    Budget body armor intended to save your life or the life of a loved one is kind of a weird concept. You might be better served by purchasing soft or hard plates, now, for the family book bags, packs, purses and upgrading/purchasing over time.

    Expo Center Gun Show this weekend. I would be looking for Mil Surplus soft body armor vest and later add a plate or plate carrier, however this will be bulky and hot (all body armor is bulky and hot).

    Best bet would be to call "bullet proof me" dot com and ask a lot of questions. They normally have a few Military OTV vests in over-stock (if you don't mind a non gear do color).

    Plates are likewise usually avail as over run items, and, yes they are bulky and heavy. What ever you do, practice it wearing your vest, driving, watching TV, gardening, walking the dog, etc...your significant other will not like putting on a restrictive 20lb over garment that is hot, bulky and uncomfortable unless you find a fun way to integrate it into prepped planning, etc...

    You may be surprised to find just how tough it is to sit on the couch, drive your car, etc...with a quality vest on (there is a reason that the seats in a HMMWV are like they are.

    Remember, an average Level 3A vest will most likely NOT stop a knife, arrow, spear, etc...

    There is no substitute for situational awareness. Concealment is NOT cover.
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  3. ZA_Survivalist

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    Id just go with AR500 armor is price is key.
  4. Doc In UPlace

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    Look for a real police supply store in your metro area. Our version of this is L.E.E.D.S. in Tacoma.
    I got a surplus Safariland vest that goes around the sides, (which is what you want for Urban use) for about $200. It was a trade-in from the nearby prison at Purdy.

    IMO that plate carrier configuration is something better suited to a war zone where people are shooting at center of mass with rifles from the front and back. Unless you're going to a situation like that I'd recommend you look at what the police use, because it's better suited for the type of threat you're more likely to encounter here.
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    Good points. Remember to consider the effect of trauma. Trauma may still take you out of the fight, especially with soft armor. Your opponent can then simply walk up and aim more carefully. Police usually have backup, but you may not.

    Consider extra trauma pads or no armor to maximize agility.
  6. Riot

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    Saw some in my local ACE Hardware for about $240. Very light...very inexpensive too considering it's armor and made from US Palm (their AK selector extender is nothing more than a stamped on piece of metal about 1" long and costs $60).

    I have two plate IBA and an AR500...this one is very light and very attractive- considering the price.
  7. Soldier_Citizen

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    I have a condor "operator" and ar500 currently. Ordered a banshee this weekend. Hopefully it ships soon! When it comes in the mail I'll be ditching my condor and the ar500 and running ceramic plates.

    The condor is good for the price but not great. However:

    The banshee is on sale for $115! I couldn't help myself.
  8. Michael Js

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    Just (this morning) ordered a 100% Aramid concealable vest from these guys:

    Now I'm done with those items :)
  9. erudne

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