Can Launchers... not all are created equal!

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    I recently got into Can Launching as a hobby. It’s a blast...literally. I like them so much I went and got all the accessories... a grappling hook, “fishing spear”, the cups, a bag of potatoes... all kinds of cool stuff. I even equipped my cannon with a Hensold Panserfaust optic. It really does little to help and the eye relief is crap, but hey...It looks cool at least. I love my Can Cannon. In fact I even picked a up a few extras, and put them out on my table at the gun shows for sale... I think everyone should have one! Pro tip... Can Cannon + Shotgun = Good Times! Much more fun than clay pigeons.
    If you haven’t seen them in action, check out this Demolition Ranch video...

    I was talking with another member a while back and told me I was paying too much for my Can Cannons, and that the company that makes XProducts cannonons sells them direct online for much cheaper. So I did some research and what I found was pretty interesting.
    There is indeed another Cannon out there, but they DO NOT make them for XProducts, and they are cheaper... in every way!
    I was able to compare them side by side, and in my humble opinion... the XProducts Cannon is FAR superior, and well worth the extra $. I can’t say I’ve ever fired the other brand, but I’m not sure I’d want to after looking inside and seeing the difference in design and quality.
    Can cannons are very simple. There is a barrel, and a Tube that threads on to a standard AR15 upper reciever... they only go on hand tight, and are super easy to take apart to clean and maintain.
    First look at the difference in the barrels... XProducts right, other guys left.
    The barrel on the right(XProducts) is a way better/safer design. It has 3 times the gas holes giving it way better gas dispersion, and it seems to me would be much safer because there is way more places for the gas to escape if a couple holes were to get plugged up with detritus...And that brings us to the next piece.. the Tube.
    Again the tube on the right is the XProducts... it is made from a single piece of solid Aluminum.
    The tube on left is made from two seperate pieces and pinned together. I see that as a potential point of failure. There is a lot of pressure in there...
    Design aside, the fit and finish is much better, and the other one ships with a stripped upper. No dust cover or forward assist! CHEAP!
    I’m not an engineer, and maybe the other cannon will be just fine and never cause any problems. Personally I’d rather pay a little more for the piece of mind. XProducts is clearly the better design, and I know if I do have any problems, they stand behind their product 100%.
    They are a local company out of Vancouver, and a great bunch of folks!

    You get what you pay for!
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    unfamiliar with 'can cannon' but decades ago 'friends' built a number of 'spud launchers'....practically zero cost from stuff laying around the shop, 75 +/- yard amazingly almost accurate launch, tons of fun.
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    Well I made mine. It’s all steel construction. Barrel is pretty close to Xproducts. Since I essentially used theirs as reference. I even pinned the chamber before Xproducts started as I could see the potential legal issues.

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