Can I submit another Form 1 without adding the first item to my trust?

Discussion in 'NFA Weapon Discussion' started by EastsideFirearms, Oct 23, 2014.

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    Hello everyone - just got my first Form 1 approved yesterday for an SBR and now that I know I filled everything out correctly, I want to submit a few more!

    Though I have received my approved Form 1 / tax stamp, I have not yet built the SBR nor engraved anything yet. So far I have also left my Schedule A (Item List) blank, besides it being signed on the bottom. Now my question(s) is/are this:

    1. If I submit a new Form 1, I will have to attach a copy of my whole trust again. Do I need to enter the first SBR into the item list before submitting the form, or can I just leave it blank for now, submit more forms with the old copy of my trust, and add the SBR when I build it...?

    2. Does anyone know of someone whom can do a decent engraving job locally? (around Issaquah, WA)

    Thanks for your time guys!
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    Always submit the new form 1 or 4 with a copy of the trust and the updated Schedule A.
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    If you have an approved Form 1 or Form 4 for an item owned by your trust it needs to be listed on your Schedule A, even if it's only an unbuilt receiver right now. I always add the new item to the Schedule A with "pending" next to it; that's what the Attorney who drew it up said to do.
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    The lower should be listed in the Schedule A as soon as the Form 1 returns. Also should be engraved before the Form 1/4 is approved....though you could argue that since the firearm is still being manufactured that it isn't an SBR yet.

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    Usually some personal property has to be added to the trust schedule A to "fund" it. If you got a stamp back with an unfunded trust, I would add something to the schedule A this next go around if only for the reason that some folks have not gotten their stamp on an unfunded trust. There's a bunch of new examiners right now doing those approvals and just because it worked once.......... you know what I mean.

    I never add my new NFA item to the schedule A I send in with the forms for a new item. I do add them to the original copy/master copy that is in my safe though.

    Just get it engraved before you put a short barrel upper on it. It's not an NFA item unless you have it in that SBR configuration.

    I can recommend a guy in Florida who just did two of mine. got them back in just under a week.
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