Camping Survival Turns into a Horrible Supplier with many issue's

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by knuckle Head, Dec 11, 2011.

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    First I do not like to write reviews like this, feel that since I have recommended this source in the past, that I must inform others of their fall from grace.

    The last few orders prior to my current, the people at Camping Survival failed to inform me (as policy says they will do) of a shipment having been sent.

    They have been slow to respond to eamil request about shipments, ignored request of shipping data. Only for UPS to deliver it unexpectedly.

    My second to last shipment, I had shipped to the local UPS facility for picked, they personnel at Camping Survival failed to inform me the shipment occured after I had pinged them asking when it was going to ship several times, the order got to the UPS office sat for a week and was returned to Camping Survival.

    The idiots at Camping Survival asked If i wanted to pay to have it shipped some where's else. After I chewed the owner by email they agreed to reship the package at their expense and email me a copy of the shipper so i could track it like it like they were supposed to do to begin with.

    On my last order placed 11/13 I requested shipping information on 11/16, 11/25, 11/28 and 11/29 I emailed the owner. At that time the staff emailed me a copy of the shipper showing where it had shipped 11/15 and supposed left on my front porch on 11/21. going tWhich would of had to occured while I was sitting in the living watching TV.

    After raising hell with them they state they had filed a claim with UPS, like that did me any good. I told them on 12/09 I was going start legal proceedings the week of 12/12 if they show me proof of a replacement shipment taking place by COB 12/09.

    BTW, the owner and managers have disconnected the email, I guess the heat is too hot in the kitchen from their inability to manager their company properly, anyways an email to them comes back immediately undeliverable, bad address.

    Well I just checked my email and guess the idiots sent me on 12/09 a copy of the shipper showing delivery on 11/21 apologizing for taking so long and stating they requested the replacement order not be left on the fron proch.

    I have emailed them asking what kind of a game they playing, I will call the state attorney generals office and county prosecutors office and ask what where i go from here.

    If this is not gross incompitence, I do not know what is.

    Anyone here having an order with them, I strongly suggest you cancel it and get your money back or refuse to do business with again and pass this along. If a company is going to show this kind of incompitence and ability to follow their policies and procedures they need to be driven out of business.

    If nothing else suspend orders and tell them when they fix their current missing order issue's you will consider resuming and if they ask what you talking about email them a copy of a link to this forum, they will know who it is from, once they read it.

    Once they get their act together and is resolved, I will respond to this forum, if it is not removed by some Nazi
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    hmmm UPS your way does not notify you when shipment is at pickup center ? Do you really think the state attorney generals office and county prosecutors office will smile when you call ? Maybe you could try being more understanding. It might get better results. If your order was shipped and UPS says they delivered it, why are you so angry with the vendor ?
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    What did they do that is illegal and requires State Attorney Generals and County Prosecutors? There is a lot of REAL crime out there for them to deal with.

    Did you check your SPAM and junk mail folders to verify the shipping emails were not trashed by an over protective paranoid computer?

    Accidents and mistakes happen all the time. How can Camping Survival be responsible for UPS leaving it your door, did you tell UPS to only deliver packages with a signature? UPS policy is to leave a package at a door IF the driver feels it is safe enough to do so UNLESS the package specifically says it requires signature for delivery.

    It seems to me that the error here may lie with UPS not contacting you when package was at shipping center and then a driver leaving package at your door. Again something outside of Camping Survival's control, they sent the packages with good intention and meant no harm.

    Sometimes you have to remember you catch more bees with honey than lemons. A little kindness and understanding goes a long way to resolve a problem before threats. If you sent me emails threatening to take me to State Attorney, I would change my email too...or at least block you from sending anymore.

    Out of curiosity...How much was your order for, dollar amount?
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    My order wa for just under $200.00

    Be more understanding??????? Were you paying attention??

    Lets see,

    these incompitent people have ignored emails in the past requesting status and shipments, then when management was contacted I would get and email, apologizing for ignoring ans saying the shipment was back ordered only to have the order show upo a few days later, clearly hit had been in route when they said it was abck ordered.

    The idiots at camping Survival did not include my phone number on the package as requested, so UPS could not notify me it was at their facility. And then wanted me to pay to reship it because they screwed up, not me.

    Aslo the idiots at Camping Survival ignored my emails requesting where the order was. When management was copied on emailed they then responded saying it has been delivered when it was not I was sitting in my living room that night watching tv.

    the same idiots sent me an email friday telling they reshipped the order with old UPS tracking number, and last night I emailed asking them what kind of stupid two year old game they are playing and the apologized an email late today saying it had shipped and resent the same old tracking number showing it had been delivered on 11/21.

    When you contract someone to do something and they do not deliver it is not your fault or on you, it is on them. Whether they screwed up or the shipper did and left it at the wrong house, I paid them for a service and said service has not been received.

    As for the dollar amount it is actually irrelevant to me, I raise heck no matter. whether it is $20K or $2.00 a contractually agreement is a contractual agreement

    If people here cannot see the pattern I ask, do you work for this company or do you provide similar bad services and expect people to just blow it off.

    Whether the state attorney generals gets involved or not, or the county prosecutors office gets involved or not, records have to be made so that they show pattern when they do decide to get involved and go after companies who play games.

    I do not have money to throw away, I am paid to provide a service for my employer, if I do not provide said service it is there right to terminate me and to state so to employers who call for a reference, if a company does not provide a service to me in which they are paid to do, then it is my right to complain to others about the incompitence of the supplier so that they may not go through what I went through.

    A company that provides poor service, fails to respond to customers about where a shipment is, fails to include the phone number of the person designated to receive it so that the person can notified and pickup the package needs to be called out on it not coddled like a baby, how else are they going to get themessage to either hire more people, fix systems or whatever in order to rpovide the service being paid for????????

    More understanding, what do you do when it is your money on the line??

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