Calm the heck down !

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DuneHopper, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Lets face it there are many things that are wrong with the world and I could probably write a novel on this year alone right ?

    I think right now people need to calm the heck down, as humans we want life to be easy and nice and pretty like the Christmas Presents we get. Well I have news for all the younger generation who think life is IPods and smart phones. That is a sick twisted illusion of life, TV, The News and cable or satellite tv are all illusions presented to make your world seem in control. It was never and will never be that way. You know Genghis Khan, managed by terror to acclimate the known world in Europe with nothing more then swords and horses and basic weapons.
    It took just a a few years for him to rule a an area and size never repeated in history all by threats and intimidation.
    A people are only as powerful as their weakest fears.

    Eliminating any weapon ads to that illusion, if we think banning guns will make us a peaceful society ??
    Just go to a basket ball game some time and have a hot dog sharing it with others in the stands. These same
    people will go out win or lose and riot the streets burn cars and destroy local businesses. Seemingly peaceful people will result to being animals. Meanwhile they will have their smart phones and IPOD of a so called civilized society in their pockets. ( an not a gun to be seen )

    We as a people want so badly to be a world of peace and tranquility that we will lie, cheat, steal, fix elections.
    suppress our people and commit murder all in the name of a civilized society.
    Is it Just me cause the math doesn't add up, talk about living a lie, modern society my back side.!

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