NRA-ILA | The NRA Intends to File Legal Challenge if Governor Brown Signs Unconstitutional Semi-Automatic Firearm Ban into Law

California: The NRA Intends to File Legal Challenge if Governor Brown Signs Unconstitutional Semi-Automatic Firearm Ban into Law

There are currently several gun control bills sitting on Governor Brown’s desk that he will either veto or allow to become law by October 13, 2013. Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms has never been as seriously threatened in California as it is today. After years of incrementally adopting gun control measures, this year the Legislature decided to propose new laws adopting everything on the gun ban lobby’s wish list. Many of those bills were successfully opposed by the NRA and died in the Legislature, but unfortunately some did not.
I almost hope he does sign it. That might be the final step that sends it to the SCOTUS and eventually slaps them down and destroys a lot of their laws, like happened in IL.
They get there eventually. If not this year, fairly soon because they keep pushing the envelope. I suspect we'll see some California grabbers crying about states' rights once they end up losing in the federal courts because they really are getting absurdly excessive. Not that the federal courts are by any means good.

San Francisco actualy tried to be like Chicago and ban handguns a couple of times. CA courts slapped them both times.
If he fails to act they become law automatically. Kind of a way for him to approve without getting his hands dirty - he can later claim he didn't sign it in to law....

NRA is a bit behind on this move - my understanding is that a few of the CA gun owners groups already have law suits waiting to challenge any of the bills should they not be vetoed. I'm sure they will welcome the support from the NRA but the fact is they have been prepping the opposition for months and things will be tied up in the courts for years with or without assistance from the NRA.
I would like Moonbeam, to grow a pair, and Veto it... But since they were Cut Off, in Japan,regeneration, is just not possible....

So that would allow... A Recall Election to be done on gross incompetance of the Moon's Beam...


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