California Ammo Background Check and Gun Registration

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by 1stklass, Jun 16, 2013.

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    Has anyone seen this? Apparently it has passed the House, and is waiting approval in the Senate. The governor has said he would sign it.
    The mainstream newsmedia has been in blackout mode on this WHY? My guess would be because Gungrabbingliberals have been saying all along "we dont want to make you register your guns" when they really do want to have a database of every firearm owned.

    This is a 50.00 dollar Background check, they would take unspecified "personal information" you would have to pay the background check then hope the great and benefactorial State of California with all their wisdom deemed you appropriate to own such dangerous materials. You may not even walk out of the store with ammo that day!

    I understand that we all realize California is a completely lost cause. But what we need to remember when liberals LIE TO US and say they dont want a registry, they dont want outright confiscation, and they dont want to restrict your ammo...... THEY REALLY DO
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    It is Cali, I praying that disease wont spread to OR.

    I am starting to see a lot of Californians moving to the Northwest, some fit in OR perfect they moved because of all the messed up LAWS in Cali. Majority of them moved here because they want bigger house for cheaper taxes and they to change OR. I am praying OR rains will flood them back to Cali.
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    Where are you from New guy? Californians been moving to Oregon in droves since about 1964 when the first pre Hippies and early back to the earth people invaded. And its been a steady stream ever since. At some points its so bad UHaul would almost pay you to drive one of their trucks South so they had something to rent.

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    Yep - when the infamous 'Summer of Love' in 1967 San Francisco ended Oregon experienced one of the first mass exoduses of people from California as the refugee hippies heard about this place called Ashland, OR and descended upon it like ants to sugar and, as Mark said, it has been a steady stream ever since. As far as Bend is concerned the needle on the Stupid Meter went vertical in the late 90's when the steady stream turned into a veritable stampede with the worst being from about 2003 until the housing market fallout brought it to a near screeching halt and man am I glad!
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    We need a giant condom stretched across the state line to stop the disease from spreading North.
    Were already saturated with psychotic liberals. Maybe funnel them into a hamster tube and have it make a sharp left at the Oregon border that dumps out 3,000 miles to the west. They would feel more at home there.

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