Calico Liberty I 9mm Carbine BNIB For TRADE

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    WTT only. Brand new unfired Calico Light Weapon Systems Liberty I 9mm Carbine With 100 round magazine

    I bought this because I like the idea of being able to use the same ammunition in a carbine and in my pistol.
    It was kind of silly though, since I usually use .40 S&W or .357. I have a 9mm, but it's not my normal shooter.

    Had the chance to shoot one of these and it was fun- but I have to admit I am more of a Mosin Nagant and Enfield Milsurp kinda guy.
    The one that I shot only had the 50 round magazine, this one has the 100 round magazine.

    One of the nice features about this rifle is the downward ejection of cases. Calico also makes (or one could be fashioned in the shop) a catch bag that slips right over the port on the bottom of the receiver that all the empty cases drop into.

    The advantages of downward ejection: (1) easy to police your cases, (especially with the bag attached),
    (2) no bright cases flying through the air to give up your position, (haven't needed this advantage yet in life.)
    (3) at a range your empties aren't peppering your neighbor. Quite honestly, I have always enjoyed peppering my neighbor with empty cases (especially if we're in a timed competition) but not having to pick up the empties makes up for the lack of joy when I don't hear them bouncing off my competition.

    DSCN9602.jpg DSCN9604.jpg DSCN9607.jpg DSCN9610.jpg

    From Manufacturer:
    CALIBER 9mm CAPACITY 50 round or 100 round Helical Feed
    ACTION Delayed blowback-CETME type RATE Semi-auto
    MUZZLE VELOCITY 1400 fps (16" BARREL)
    WEIGHT Empty – 3.7lbs, Loaded w/50rd mag – 5.5 lbs, Loaded w/100rd mag – 7.2 lbs
    LENGTH Stock folded – 28 ½" Stock extended/full stock – 34 ½"
    BARREL 16" heat treated Chrome Moly
    RIFLING 6 lands and groves, 1 twist in 14"
    RECEIVER Prime-cast A-356 aluminum, T-6 temper
    FURNITURE glass-filled polymer, impact res.
    SIGHTS fixed notch rear, adjustable post front (windage & elevation)
    SAFETY rotating sear block
    EFFECTIVE RANGE up to 300 yards max.

    Friends, I do not want to sell this. I am putting it out here to see what kind of TRADE offers I get. Please don't reply with a "How about a cash price?" I am simply not interested. I am not trying to make money. I am not trying to make a profit or a living at this. I (and my family) enjoy firearms. There is no sense in trying to talk me into taking $. It's a valid "argument" -- "But you can take my $ and then go buy what you want".... I just don't want to get into selling at all.

    Here are things I am interested in: (But not limited to this list)
    Mosin Nagants, and 7.62x54R ammo
    SKS and 7.62x39 ammo
    .357 revolvers and 38 Spl or .357 ammo
    .30.06 rifles and ammo
    .22 rimfire revolvers and .22 rimfire ammo

    Reloading gear and components in .357, 7.62x54R, 7.62x39, 30.06.

    One of the common questions that I have seen in other threads is "What is your trade value?" It's for TRADE, not for sale, so I will NOT GIVE A $ value.
    Please do your research and make up your own mind on what TRADE this would be worth to you.

    Brothers in Arms, hold that which is important close- the 2nd Amendment is the guarantor of all that makes this country great.




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