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Calico firearms vice president's views on gun control.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by jordanvraptor, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. jordanvraptor

    jordanvraptor Oregon City, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Sunday Oregonian in Steve Duin's commentary.

    Steve Duin: A cold morning in gun heaven shows some divide among gun enthusiasts | OregonLive.com

    Mark Kronquist a vice president at Calico firearms offered the following "constructive alternatives."

    A national standard on who has the right to buy a gun.
    (I was born here and am not a criminal)
    A federal excise tax on ammunition to pay for mental health services.
    (Only if I eat the lead in my ammo will it cause mental deficiencies)
    A national standard handgun safety class to buy a handgun.
    (Again, its my right, not a priviledge)
    He also asks "Why can I buy armor piercing rounds of ammunition as a civilian?"
    (Any high velocity bullet will pierce soft body armor you twit)

    He does make a good point about cosmetic appearance and magazine capacity ban as BandAids.

    He should be worried about a magazine capacity ban since Calico rifles and pistols can hold 50 or 100 round helical magazines!

    IMHO this guy isn't doing his company any favor by annoying the very niche consumer base his company's products appeal to.

    I hereby grant thee the Neville Chamberlain award for appeasement... :(
  2. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    Meh... Calico.
  3. Mrand55

    Mrand55 Salem Member

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    This article is EXACTLY why there can be no compromise on the latest attack on gun rights. He fairly quoted Kronquist on his anti-gun ideas but when the other gentleman voiced his opinion of no new gun control and we need armed security, the condescending tone of the article kicked in and critisized the way the man interacts with his grandchildren. I for one am not a fan of the Oregonian news paper and maybe this is just them pandering to there audience but I hope it finds itself out of print at some point. The one sided media just gets old.
  4. Stomper

    Stomper Oceania Rising White Is The New Brown Silver Supporter

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    The Oregonian aka The Daily Dead Fish Wrapper...
  5. drew

    drew OR Well-Known Member

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    Nah, wrecks the fish. It works better as a bird cage liner. Seems to be a real guano magnet.

    I do look at some articles on the website to look at the commentary. It draws some really interesting people.
  6. novamind

    novamind Hillsboro Active Member

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    Calicos are made in Cornelious Oregon. I went to the open house/bar-b-q there, met them bs'ed about their product about 2 years ago. Very nice people, and I do not remember names at this time, but I do remember them being involved with boy scouts, they had a drawing, offered beer wine pop water saugage dogs etc..I enjoyed talking to the assembly person especially, but I met and talked with all representing this company there. Now I can't make since of this article? Why shoot yourself in the foot with comments that cripple your business? Also the picture of this supposed vice president is to small and grainy. I do not remember him being at the grand opening at all.
    The author of the article appears very anti-gun, and the comments also, and I suspect here lies the problem. If you know who owns the oregonian it makes sence. As far as being Oregons largest gun manufacture, this statement is loose what about TNW in Vernonia Oregon? Why did this reporter not go to Tri-County Gun Club for a Story? Its alot closer.
    I'm calling BS on this article. It smells real Bad to Me.
  7. Oregonhunter5

    Oregonhunter5 2C IDAHO Well-Known Member

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    My dad bought a few of these guns on a good deal.
    They seem pretty much like High Point quality.
  8. Morpheus

    Morpheus Columbia Gorge Anyway, back on the farm.

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    That seems like an opinion piece being portrayed as a news article. No facts, no actual reporting going on in that article. And lots of personal bias by the writer.

    Just another talking head... Nothing to see here.
  9. U201494

    U201494 Well-Known Member

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    Steve Duin is as far left as a person can be, he fits right in at the daily wiper in Portland.
  10. LMSG30

    LMSG30 Salem New Member

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    i've known Mark for years. He is a slippery lefty, so no surprise here. Not impressed by Calico either.
  11. CharonPDX

    CharonPDX Portland, OR Active Member

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    Decent company, iffy products. Yeah, the magazines hold 50 or 100 rounds, but I've never seen one that could reliably loose more than 10 without jamming.