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    A little Rant and Rave About a couple of guys That Shouldnt own Fire Arms
    So i tolk a little trip over to central Oregon this weekend and tolk a couple Guns to sight in and just do some Plinking. We decided to to go up to Coyote butte and there where to many people rideing so we decided to head back to Cabin Butte. Showed up and no one was there so we set Targets up and started sighting in our rifles. Then Another Guy showed up with his sun or Grand sun and they where shooting as well all in a straight fireing line haveing a good old time about a half hr goes by and a couple guys show up in a Mini Van Pole out there guns and start shooting But the bubblegumy Part is they decided to Go about Fifty feet in front of Past he fireing line and started shooting at Bolders Exct. My point here is why whould you Just show up and not say a dam thing and walk in front of alll of us and start shotting Have some bubblegumen Comen sense. Then they decided they whould set some water bottles up Directly behind us on a ATV trail no more then 30 feet directly behind us. So i kinda lost my cool and asked what the bubblegum they where thinking. There response was just shooting at some targets. what in the **** are u thinking we are shooting over here and you nut sacks decide to shoot at targets behind us and on a ATV trail . What the **** are people thinking. NO F(*$ing common sense. sorry just had to blow some steam :huh:
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    That sucks. Some people have no common sense. It is a miracle they survived this long without shooting themselves in the foot.

    Back in college, I was shooting at the local rock pit with my girlfriend (now wife). I had been there about 15 minutes when two guys show up and start shooting. It was all fine until they broke out the weed and started smoking.

    At that point, I just said, later guys and took off. Who knows what these people are capable of. I joined Tri County to stay away from those nut jobs.
  3. Dutchy556

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    Fairly common out at cabin butte.... =/
  4. ZeroRing

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    Heckuva first post there Ex. :thumbup:

    Nutards like that have no business owning firearms THAT much is obvious. :noway:

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