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Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by MrNatural, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Wüsthof Picnic Sharpener : Cabela's

    Here's a handy little sharpening tool for cheap. Regularly $5, on special now for $2. I just bought a dozen. One for every tool kit, BOB, GHB, a couple in the kitchen and a few for gifts/stocking stuffers. Shipping was free to my house too. Ole'!

    Ya might wanna step lively if you want a few of these. I don't know how long they're on special for.

    No matter what Buck Rogers unobtanium-alloy your knives and other cutting gear are made from, if you use it, eventually it will lose its edge. A knife with no means to quickly re-sharpen it is only half a knife! "Two is one. One is none."

    "Dull knives and dull wits are treacherous companions." - Old Finnish saying ;)

    If you abuse/overuse ANY knife or cutting instrument, you will round the bevel. The correct way to address this is with a set of stones and a strop. However toting all that into the bush can get a bit wearisome.

    So this little sharpener makes sense. I have a couple of these already. They work great as long as you understand their limitations. I keep them handy by securing them to my knife and machete sheaths in a length of bicycle inner tube with a bit of duct tape - cheap and effective.

    Comes with two sharpeners - one pair of ceramic rods and one set of carbide. The ceramic rods are for a regular minor touch-up of your edge, and they won't last forever - but they're just fine for shlepping about. FYI, some sharpeners of this design allow replaceable ceramic rods, but these type sharpeners sell for 4-5X the cost of this little rig.

    IMHO, the carbides are only for use for a seriously rounded bevel or an otherwise abused edge. I would not use this option on a good knife except in an unusual situation. It works but removes a large amount of metal compared to the ceramic rods. But if your knife edge dulls out halfway through caping and quartering that Brontosaurus elk you just potted, you'll be mighty glad to have the carbide option handy.

    And for $2 on special, it's a cheap insurance policy. If you never need it, then all the better. But if you need it you'll be mighty glad you have it.

    Cheers. :D
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    Thank you for posting this. I ordered three of them on the Cabela's website for less than $7.00 total (including the tax and free shipping), they arrived yesterday, and they are great value for the money.
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    Thanks from me as well. I ordered 5 and have a jump on stocking stuffers!

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