Cabelas Gun Show???

Discussion in 'Events & Get Togethers' started by tuckerha, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. tuckerha

    Tucson, Arizona

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    I saw this on the Cabelas web page for this weekend, Friday thru Sunday. Never been to one of these. Has anyone else? Debating going to it, but wondering if it is worth my time.

    Any experiences out there?

  2. Hotwheelz

    Pierce County

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    Stopped by there on Saturday what a joke of a gun show :sleep::sleep::sleep: They had a few tables set up in front of the gun library with some of THERE used guns for sale I would have been P.O.'d if I wasnt there for other reasons
  3. tionico

    Thurston County
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    Yeah, not a whole lot there... four tables from the Gun Library.. lots of small bits, of which I relieved them of a few. Their used gun rack out on the floor has some variety in it, though, and a few decent buys. A lot of the "gun show" guns are either used Gun Library specimens or some new ones as well.... marked down some, but not drastically. Obviously a marketing ploy to get walk ins to come have a squiz...... they didn't have anything I couldn't live without, though. An FN Bullpup, new, marked down a bit..... some Browning and Benelli shotguns, a pile of pistols and revolvers, but I'm already sitting pretty well in those categories.... I joked with the guys there that if they'd had an FN AR, I'd be armwrestling them for it....... they laughed, and said they'd not been able to get any into the store for a while now..... too high a demand for them. (I managed to find a new on on AA, though, it should be here Friday......)

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