Cabelas .223 bonzana at Lacey, WA

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    So, I don't know about the rest of you, but Walmart hasn't been stocking up on .223/556 much lately. So, I made a quick trip to Cabela's in Lacey today and was actually pleasantly surprised. They had a full top shelf in one aisle full of .223 and a little 5.56. Prices were ok.

    PMC Bronze .223- $8.99- There were seriously boxes upon boxes of this stuff everywhere. Like 500 boxes or more easy? (Pretty much matches Walmart unless you find a mystical box of crap Tula .223 for $5.20)
    XTac 556 (55gr)- $9.99- There was a medium stack, maybe 100-200 boxes? (This is the regular xtac, not the 62g green tip, which Cabela's had online for sale at the same amount a couple of days ago).
    American Eagle .223? (black box)- Also $9.99. Red box American Eagle was the same amount. Both decent quantities.

    Along with that there were plenty of more expensive rounds. But as far as I'm concerned, $8.99 is the best I've been able to find lately. At least it's in stock!

    There are no limits right now on 5.56 or .223 at Cabela's, however, they do reserve the right to limit you if they want. I got 5 boxes before I left.

    Let me know if you've seen better!

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