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    According to this from the ATF. A C&R holder:
    Now, say I wanted to buy a C&R firearm from a seller (with or without a C&R license) in washington, while I reside in Oregon. According to the ATFs statement this seems perfectly legal. However, isn't it sort of illegal for them to sell it if they are not licensed? I'm a little confused and would rather stay in the right, but from what it seems, I could buy a C&R firearm anywhere, no problem, as that's the point of the C&R. Hoping someone can put me in line!
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    No it is not sort of illegal. There is NOTHING sort of illegal. It is either legal or not.

    Why would the seller need to be licensed? Do you need a license to sell any other gun? If the answer was yes then only people with FFL's would be able to buy and sell firearms.

    YOU are a licensed buyer so you are able to buy wherever you are (assuming the firearm is C&R in your case).

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