Buying Liberty safe but split on Mechanical or Keypad...

OK, so I've decided to get a another Liberty safe as I have a dealer withing 10 miles of my house, they deliver and they have great local support.

I have one each Mechanical & Dial safes currently, the bigger Mechanical safe is in my Shop with most of my weapons, the smaller dial safe is in the Master closet for quick access to my most often used guns. I like both but for some reason need a little nudge as to what direction to go with on this one...Thoughts?
I would follow suit with your original idea and decide based on the new safe's location and content. If you plan on storing firearms that you may need quick(ish) access to I would go with the electronic, if it's another safe like the one in your garage, I'd go with the mechanical.
Digital is fine when they work. When they don't, I side with what P7id10T mentions.
Over the years I've always had analog. I've also replaced digital for.
If I find a good deal on a safe, which I have, that had digital, they were replaced (by me) to analog and combo changed to my (or others) preference of combination. Never an issue, short of maybe dialing too fast and being off by a number. Spin it 5 times to the right, start over. When I'm around my safe, it is unlocked on the ready. When I'm not around them (just like my other firearms), they are locked.

Aero Denezol

Another vote for mechanical. With a little practice you'll get real fast at opening it, just like the old hall lockers back in high school.

It's not the batteries I worry about going bad, it is the keypad itself. My parents have had keypads go out on appliances, and I've had TV remotes go bad as well. I don't trust them in a critical situation.
Depends on use.
I'm a bit surprised the safe storage clown brigade hasn't stipulated the use of dial locks over electronic.
With a dial I need more light to see the numbers, need to have my reading glasses on to see the numbers, need to slow down so as to not pass a number and have to start over, etc.. After all if only one bad guys life is spared because a homeowner could not access their weapon in time to protect themselves from a home invader...

In my shop with my electronics I am more likely to open the safe get what I want out and relock the safe. With a dial I'm more likely to leave the door unlocked till I'm done getting in and out of it. More likely to forget to relock it if if the wife draws me away from the shop for a minute that becomes hours.

If only being used for longer term storage dial would be great, one less thing to worry about leaky batteries.
If for speed and convenience I go electronic.


I ended up with digital. About 1/3 of the safe contents are my wifes, and for some reason she had
a terrible time with the mechanical lock. Went to digital, we agreed on a "word" rather than number
combo and life settled back into it normal level of bliss.
Thats actually a great point! Maybe I should switch to a mechanical so the wife can't get in it! :p:D
As previously mentioned, there is no one right answer here OP. Depends a lot on personal usage preference. Electronic - speed vs mechanical - reliability (and no EMP worries!.)

I hate to bring up the issue but two safes and now looking for a third, perhaps you need to admit to us all that "you have a problem" and need to join a local chapter of FPA (Firearms Purchasers Anonomous.) :s0140:


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