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Bushmaster recall...I need an ACR!

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by dragonsden73, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. dragonsden73

    dragonsden73 Salem, Oregun Active Member

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    Bushmaster issues recall notice for ACR semiautomatic rifles | statesmanjournal.com | Statesman Journal

    Bushmaster issues recall notice for ACR semiautomatic rifles

    Officials with Bushmaster Firearms International have issued a recall notice for all ACR model semiautomatic rifles.
    According to the notice, because of a design flaw, there is a potential for the firearm to become fully automatic when the trigger is pulled.
    “This unexpected firing of multiple rounds creates a potentially dangerous situation,” the notice says.

    No other firearms made by Bushmaster are involved in the recall.
    If you own a Bushmaster ACR firearm, you should:
    •Stop using it.
    •Call Bushmaster’s customer service department between 5:30 a.m and 3 p.m. PST weekdays at (800) 883-6229.
    You should have the serial number of the firearm at hand when you call.
    You will receive return-shipping instructions and a return-authorization number that will be used in processing your firearm.
    The basic model sells for about $2,700.
    According to the ACR page on Bushmaster’s website, a serial number search feature will be added soon.
  2. Mason3379

    Mason3379 Oregon City Active Member

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    Sounds like a cool "flaw" to have:)
  3. salmonriverjohn

    salmonriverjohn N.W Oregon coast, Gods country Well-Known Member

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    Had a Winchester model 100 in .308 that went full auto, had it repaired and it went south again. Had to part ways with her cheating heart.
  4. Abiqua

    Abiqua Oregon Active Member

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    I think it's a marketing ploy to sell more of their "$1500" rifles for $2700. :)
  5. Outrider

    Outrider Oregon Active Member

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    They reportedly have had issues of slam-fires and that is not a good issue to have. Unfortunately, the ACR was rushed to market before it was ready and anyone who bought one is an unpaid beta tester.

    It's a neat idea but it needs more development (and to lose some weight).
  6. matt_w

    matt_w Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    Hasn't the ATF busted people before when their semi-autos malfunctioned and went full auto?
  7. servingu

    servingu Vancouver (not BC) WA (not DC) Member

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    i would love a "flaw" gun.... why cant my AR get a "flaw". i hate to BUMP fire but its cool and its all we norm folks get in the great state of Washington. I need to move to OR :)