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Bushmaster issues recall notice for ACR semiautomatic rifles

Officials with Bushmaster Firearms International have issued a recall notice for all ACR model semiautomatic rifles.
According to the notice, because of a design flaw, there is a potential for the firearm to become fully automatic when the trigger is pulled.
“This unexpected firing of multiple rounds creates a potentially dangerous situation,” the notice says.

No other firearms made by Bushmaster are involved in the recall.
If you own a Bushmaster ACR firearm, you should:
•Stop using it.
•Call Bushmaster’s customer service department between 5:30 a.m and 3 p.m. PST weekdays at (800) 883-6229.
You should have the serial number of the firearm at hand when you call.
You will receive return-shipping instructions and a return-authorization number that will be used in processing your firearm.
The basic model sells for about $2,700.
According to the ACR page on Bushmaster’s website, a serial number search feature will be added soon.
They reportedly have had issues of slam-fires and that is not a good issue to have. Unfortunately, the ACR was rushed to market before it was ready and anyone who bought one is an unpaid beta tester.

It's a neat idea but it needs more development (and to lose some weight).
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