Bushmaster AR15 xm15-e2s 20" barrel 5.56 Nato HBAR 1/9" twist with Ace stock

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    Bushmaster postban AR15 XM15-e2s a3(removable handle) with 20" HBAR chrome lined barrel 1/9" twist rate. This rifle has been in my safe for most of its life. Rifle was produced during the glory days of Bushmaster 2003 or 2004. I haven't even fired the orginal half brick i bought to put downrange with this rifle. I am interested in trading another quality factory built AR or high end pistols for this rifle . The only one i could compare to was around $1200 on gunbroker. Interests include: HK45 HKp30 series(new generation HK pistols) Sig p series pistols(elite is a +) 1911's from the likes of Kimber , high end SA, sig etc. Asking $1100or cash + trade options.
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