Bushmaster AR, 30 AR mags and Glock mags + Ammo in Roseburg

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    Associated buyers in Roseburg has a brand new bushmaster optics ready AR with an M4 profile barrel in stock for $1037
    They also have DPMS 30 round mags for $20 each 9 mm Glock mags 17 and 15 rounders along with some of the extended length mags for $35 and even a few 10 mm mags, they had American eagle 40 cal. for $19.99 and 45 but I didn't check the price on it sorry. Lots of new Glock pistols and lots of different revolvers in stock
    They have a 30 day law away on new guns and a 90 day law away on used guns also, for those of us without a large supply of extra cash laying around at the moment. lol
    PS they are not open on Sunday.
    And they have a raffle going on for the Roseburg wrestling team, its a commemorative 38-55 Winchester. $5 per ticket
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