Bushmaster ACR & FN SCAR

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Iceberg, Apr 18, 2010.

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    The prices of black/tan rifles sure has been dropping lately, this week at the Portland Gun Show I saw a new tan SCAR 5.56 for less than $2300; just a few months ago there were guys buying SCARs for well north of $3K (up to $7K). The same dealer had a Bushmaster ACR on his table for the same price as the tan SCAR. It really was pretty cool to see both rifles side by side. After holding (fondling) both, I liked look & feel of the SCAR better than the ACR. The guy next to me at the table & my buddy thought the exact opposite; they really like the look & feel of the ACR.

    I’m glad that I did not buy either off of Gunbroker w/o looking at them in real life. The irony is that I actually went to the show planning on buying either a ACR or SCAR, but after looking and handling both, I ended up buying a LMT CQB MRP Piston gun. Both the ACR & SCAR look better online & in magazines than in real life, they both felt cheap to me.

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