burris xts-135 or Vortex strikefire

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by SnapShot, Feb 18, 2012.

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    I think i have narrowed it down to those 2 choices for my first red dot. I know their not aimpoints so lets just move on.

    the XTS is on sale for 120 from midway right now. with a ring, bring it up to about 150. I have heard people say that the XTS 5moa red dot is to big, but the system works good. I am slightly worried that the 2032 battery does not give enough power to the system to make the dot nice and bright,

    (I live in the NW desert areas where its sunny and bright 300+ days a year, also have snowfall)

    or a Vortex Strikefire, Red dot (red only) (reports say its up to 50% brighter than the green/red one) only real negatives i hear is the power button problems, accidentally turning it off,)

    (to be mounted on a AR15 flattop, maybe the colt or older bushmaster)

    so, with an aimpoint out of the equation, which one of these 2 would you get and why?
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    I've had a Stikefire, was a great sight for the $$, you may also check out Primary Arms....I've been running one of their micro dots on my AK for years and haven't been able to kill it...


    They also sell Vortex, Burris, Aimpoint and Eotech...
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    Just happened on your thread relating to the Burris or Vortex. I don't own one but I'm hearing good things about Vortex. I had a lower end one and it worked great. I was told that the person who started Vortex was originally with the Swarovski team but parted company for whatever reason. I guess for whatever it's worth, I would think some of the technology would definately rub off. At this point, I would definately think Vortex is comparable to the Leupold line and I'd take a Leupold over Burris. To qualify that, I have to say I do like the Burris line also. I'm sure their are shops which would let you do a side by side comp. Good luck!

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