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I have one by BSA. I was going to forward mount it Scout style,
on both an M-1 Garand and a M-1 Carbine. Not sure why or how to
correct the high level the head has to be held to pick up the dot.
Chin level with the level of the stock comb centers it on both. Ended
up putting a BSA pistol scope on the Carbine. The ProMag platform
allows use of metalic sights and scope at high cheek weld. I tried
using a raiser on the forward mount on the Garand, but still need a
very high head position. It would probably work outstanding on my
Bushy. However, I have a 4X Colt type handle mount that works
excellent. An alternate sight might be just fine, but unless I can
figure out how to raise the sight, as I do not want to alter either rifle,
I guess that I will stick with regular or pistol scopes for the forward
mount set instead of the Reflex sights.:(

Capn Jack

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I've been prowling the boards and reviews and have yet to read something bad about the Burris Reflex Sight. With a lot of the others it seems to be a crap shoot as to getting a good one.:confused:
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I have not heard anything negative of any Burris products. Just
attempting to find a cure for Reflex sights to work on foreward mount
without alterations to the rifles. Have seen them work great with co
witness of iron sights on the AR platform. In fact I can't thhink of
Burris that I don't like. Future update will be a Burris Pistol scope.
Just don't know enough about this type of Reflex type. Plan on playing
with it some more. I suspect it has to be a pretty level plane that I'm not
getting with the forward mount.


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The price point on those Burris Reflex Sights would seem to indicate that they're definitely of higher quality than the "typical" $50 clones...

Especially since the really good stuff is $300-$500 :s0001:

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