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Burns rock chucks and sage rats with pictures and video

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Angler, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Angler

    Angler North Bend, OR Active Member

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    Just returned form 5 days near Burns hunting rock chucks and sagrats also had a coyote trot by while glassing the rim rock. Lots of rock chucks out and about. I took some picture with my cell phone through the scope, very difficult to center rock chuck in cross hairs! I then hooked up the gun cam and shot some sage rats with the 17HMR.




    This was the last rock chuck of the trip 322 yards away in a hay field. Very dificult to see through cellphone.

    Here is the gun cam footage, it is best seen at full screen.
    shooting sage rats with a 17hmr - YouTube

    Here is a yote I caught on a trail cam coming in to rock chucks.
    Yote on trail cam - YouTube
  2. techieguy

    techieguy Well-Known Member

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    looks like fun!
  3. 2ndtimer

    2ndtimer SE Washington state Active Member

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    What were you shooting the chucks and coyote with? I am pretty jealous. Shot some sage rats on Sunday but environment dictated rimfires only, but the .17HMR does a nice job at 100 yards or so. Even elevated a couple of them. Can't wait to get out after some chucks with the .223 Rem. and the .243 Win.
  4. Angler

    Angler North Bend, OR Active Member

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    Rock chucks and yote were with a 223. sage rats a 17HMR
  5. civilian75

    civilian75 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    Hey, we may have run into each other. Was sagerat huntin' some 40 mi SE of Burns. Didn't get any pics to share, though. 'Twas fun!
  6. westcoastal

    westcoastal north coast of oregon Active Member

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    Headed for our cabin outside silver lake in a week. Been Jonesin for sand rat and rock chuck for a month now
    Ill try and get pictures.
    Dig the thru scope pics OP
  7. coyoteman5

    coyoteman5 North south east west Active Member

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    This last weekend I was at Christmas valley an was on Dinsdale farms fields not a whole lot of rats did see about three dozen jack rabbits but Dinsdale does not want you to shoot them so I didn't. The wind on two day was a big factor it sucked. What really got me was Dinsdale has some rule to follow while shoot on there Property one is not to go out on to the fields but what did I see guys parking their trucks and cars right on the fields walking out into the fields.
    I'm guessing when Dinsdale closes down shooting those guys will be the first to say WTF why are they doing that. Anyway I really need to find better place to hunt sage rats Dinsdale is now also Putting out poison traps so that's knocking down the numbers to. Does anybody have good suggestions where I could go It's a long drive to go shooting and there's not really to shoot.
  8. MinnesotaORnewbie

    MinnesotaORnewbie Oregon Active Member

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    great pics through the scope, that's awesome and looks like a lot of fun. I need to start this as a new hobby