Bunch of AR Stuff (Slings, BUIS, Quad Rails)

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    WTB Spikes Tactical Lowers, cash in hand!

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    Spectre CST for an A2 Stock (however I removed the A2 portion and it hooked up just fine to my m4 stock).––-$28
    Troy Single Point padded Sling––––-$28

    Get them both for $52 shipped


    1) Rear Troy Flip Up Sight--$82
    2) Rear Midwest Industries Flip Up Sight--$55
    3) Front Magpul Mbus (genuine) Flip up sight---$25

    All prices shipped. If you want a set, just add $20 to the price of the rear sight and that is how much I will sell the set for.


    Surefire M-73 Carbine Quad Rail

    These have marks on the rail sections from use, otherwise in good, functional condition.


    Asking $68 shipped

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